Wild Working Kitchen

Garden to table, healthy updates to comfort food, totally decadent dessert. I love sharing my food out in the world.

Trigger fish. Nothing like catching dinner.
Asparagus and Salmon over pardina lentil pilaf.
Lunch salad: romaine, chick peas, hard boiled eggs and love.
Grilled country pork ribs couscous and a chunky garden harvest salad
I love cooking 3 meals in 3 hours for my client. He is set for his busy week.
Learned to make Zurich Ragout for my European client. Loved the mushrooms in this.
Making good use of the aji pepper hot sauce.

The whole bird does not need to be a Thanksgiving only event!
Bake sale? No problem. My crispy Hamptons Style cookies sell out every time.
Bake sale: official success! I have an official home processing certificate, so ask what I can bake in my home kitchen for your event!
My homegrown organic raspberry jam. Huge harvest so enough to share.
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