Publication History

I write in a variety of genres and forms: stories, reviews, researched articles, poetics, visual art and essays of all types. Independent small presses, journals and magazines are thriving. I hope this gives you some joy today.


“Doing the Work, Happy with the Imagery” poetics and visuals in Tofu Ink Arts Press


Essays: “The World as it Appears”: Review of City Scattered by Tyler Mills (Tupelo Press, 2022) & “Privacy is a Figment of Eden”: Review of Math for the Self Crippling by Ursula Villarreal-Moura (Gold Line Press, 2022) in Santa Fe Writers’ Project Quarterly.

Conceptual Book: “Notebook Destroyed by Rainstorm” in A Material Book in Which We Compile Conceptual Books, Levi Sherman and Carley Gomez, editors. Partial Press

Residency and Public Program: Fall 2022 Multi-Disciplinary Artist Residency, Bethany Arts Community, Ossining, NY.

Poetics and visual art: “Diurnal Nature Journal Destroyed by Rain Storm: Three Sonnets” in TofuInk Arts Press.

News Article: “NYS Independent Living Council Hall of Fame Welcomes Five Advocates for Disability Rights” in Able News.

Interview: “Something is Afoot: An Interview with Andrea Ross, Author of Unnatural Selection: A Memoir of Adoption and Wilderness” in The LITPUB.

Review Essay: “Women Who Run with the Words: Meads, Farris and Chinquee take Prose to Wild Places” in Tupelo Quarterly.

Story: “How to Save a Swan”, The Laurel Review. Original creative Non Fiction Essay

Book Review, The Literary Review: Kristina Marie Darling’s Dark Horse and In the Room of Persistent Sorry. Darling is a champion of experimental forms, exploring the boundaries and freedoms of poetics in both her creative and critical writings.

“Ensuring the Spirit and the Letter of the ADA” Op-ed in Newsday about the Disability Integration Act, published on the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disability rights are civil rights.

Article: “This is a Permanent Book” is a referenced critical essay assessing the history of Dover Publications in Contingent Magazine. The Mineola, NY based publishing house and printer was famous for publishing copyright free books for 75 years.

Honors: Chapbook manuscript Species of Concern: Poetics and Essays was long listed for the C&R Press Winter Soup Bowl Chapbook Contest 2020

Review: The Literary Review: Other Voices, Other Lives by Grace Cavalieri. Essay on the life and work of poet, playwright, radio host and poet laureate of Maryland, on the publication of her collected works.

Review: Robert Glick’s collection of short fiction, Two Californias: “Gen X may be finally ready for our winning moments. This book is certainly one.”

Book Review: MY ID by Bill Lavender, poetics and prose: “I find myself unpacking my own depths in the presence of a great writer’s fearless journey, whereas maybe I cannot find or accept that moment in other genres or therapies, medicines or practices.”

Review of Dana Roeser’s All Transparent Things Need Thundershirts Winner of the Two Sylvias Press Wilder Poetry Prize for women over 50.

Award: Able News: winner of a 2021 Fair Media Council Folio Award for the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act special issue. Co-editor and staff writer.

Poetics: BlazeVOX 20 is a 500+ page powerhouse. “Dear Sisters Gone” is dedicated to the victims of the Long Island serial killer. Plus “California Poem” and”Rush on MTV”

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